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December 3, 2013
- New England Peptide (NEP), a Massachusetts based biotech manufacturer, and The Atlantic Cancer Research Institute (ACRI), a leading cancer research center in Atlantic Canada, have launched a new biotech company. Excipio Technologies Inc. has a mandate to commercialize the Vn96 peptide developed by both NEP and ACRI for the isolation of exosomes and extracellular microvesicles.

Vn96 is a synthetic peptide that was designed to specifically stick to surface molecules on microvesicles (MVs) and exosomes. Microvesicles are a facsimile of a diseased cell that contain the same altered genes and proteins that you would find in a sample obtained from a more invasive surgical biopsy. Microvesicles circulate in blood and urine, so important diagnostic or prognostic information from patients can be obtained by a simple collection process and used for either research or clinical analysis.

NEP is one of the largest research grade peptide and antibody manufacturers with over 1000 company clients in 80 countries and customers in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries as well as academia. "In our 15 year history, we have collaborated with scientists on a variety of projects, and Vn96 is by far the most promising," said Sam Massoni, CEO of NEP. "To think we can enrich and purify incredible amounts of biological information contained in exosomes in less than an hour is amazing. Now we need Excipio to discover what we can use that information for."

ACRI is a New Brunswick research success story based in Moncton. Through its very innovative research, ACRI is working to understand cancer and translate discoveries to improve patient care. "For the last 15 years all of us at ACRI have had one goal in mind," says ACRI President and Scientific Director, Dr. Rodney Ouellette. "That goal is to improve patient care while working to find better treatments for cancer. With the development of Vn96 and the launch of Excipio Technologies Inc. we continue to progress on an upward path toward that goal."

Excipio Technologies Inc. is the commercial entity that has the responsibility to identify, develop and build strategic partnerships with national and international companies that are developing research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications in human and animal health.

According to NEP, Excipio Technologies is just the beginning. "We have a lot of burgeoning ideas and willing researchers that want to work with our VN96 technology," states Scott Lewis, Director of the Antibody Division at NEP, and co-inventor of Vn96. "The formation of Excipio will allow us to dedicate the attention that such a promising reagent deserves. We are extremely excited to see where this takes us," he concluded.

Excipio Technologies Inc.

35 Providence Street
Moncton, New Brunswick
E1C 8X3

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Unlock the diagnostic potential of exosomes

Increase the specificity and sensitivity of your biofluid-based molecular diagnostic assays with Vn96. The Vn96 platform technology can give you access to improved clinical diagnostics directly on site or at point-of-care with faster, more specific and efficient exosome isolation. All while using your existing infrastructure, minimizing your isolation time to less than an hour and eliminating the need for ultracentrifugation or expensive antibodies and filtration methods.
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