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Extracellular Vesicle Isolation

  • Specific and rapid isolation (~ 45 minutes)
  • No ultracentrifugation
  • Works for multiple sample types. (Plasma, Urine, Cell culture media, etc.)
  • Can be modified to fit your specific needs. (Multiple chemistries, added to beads, etc.)
  • Comes complete with positive and negative controls

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What are exosomes and EVs?

Exosomes and extracellular vesicles (EVs) are cell-derived nano-sized membrane-encapsulated particles (30-300nm) that act as intermediates in an elaborate communication network, which cells in the body use to deliver complex messages to other cells. EVs can be viewed as nano-cargo transports that circulate in both humans and animals and contain vital information that can inform us in real-time on both normal and disease processes that are occurring within the body. As such, EVs contain a sample of the DNA, RNA, protein and metabolites found within the cells from which they are derived. Since EVs appear in body fluids such as blood and urine, they are also a biomarker source that may be obtained by minimally-invasive methods in order to screen for disease.

How the METM kit works

The Vn96 peptide reagent (US Patent # 8,956,878) is designed to bind specifically to canonical Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs) that line the exterior of EVs originating from stressed cells such as cancer cells. Our product binds to EVs in minutes, forming a precipitate easily isolated using a standard benchtop centrifuge. Once collected, the EVs can be used in multiple assay types.


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METM Kit product information:

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Unlock the diagnostic potential of exosomes

Increase the specificity and sensitivity of your biofluid-based molecular diagnostic assays with Vn96. The Vn96 platform technology can give you access to improved clinical diagnostics directly on site or at point-of-care with faster, more specific and efficient exosome isolation. All while using your existing infrastructure, minimizing your isolation time to less than an hour and eliminating the need for ultracentrifugation or expensive antibodies and filtration methods.
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